Five important issues for good health

‘Health is the root of all happiness’ – the proverb is known to all. Once the disease is very large, the truth of the word is found. So it is important to have healthy living to get protection from big diseases and to stay fit.

Healthy website Demick told six important things for good health.

1. Sunlight

The sun’s light contains Vitamin D. In the absence of vitamin D, there may be bone problems, skin problems, depression etc. So please go to the sunlight for at least 20 minutes. But in this case morning sunlight is better.

2. Drink enough water

It is important for an adult healthy person to drink two to three and a half liters of water daily. Water keeps the body moist, helps keep it away from various diseases.

3. Walk

Regular exercise is very important for good health. It will not only reduce your weight; Heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, etc. will also work. So walk at least half an hour every day.

4. Rest

To keep the body active, there is no substitute for sleep or rest to rejuvenate body cells. Sleep at least seven to eight hours daily. It will work to reduce stress.

5. Healthy Eating

Food is an important issue to keep body fit. If you notice a little bit, fast food, extra-sugar foods, fried foods, etc., increase weight gain. And increase the weight of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure etc. Instead of eating these foods, fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken meat, etc., many problems are reduced. So practice healthy eating habits for good health.

আরো খবরঃ
মটরশুঁটি, সয়া- এই ধরনের মটরদানা থেকেও প্রোটিন পাওয়া যায়। তবে সবজি থেকে পাওয়া প্রোটিন কতটা
আজ ‘বিশ্ব হিজাব দিবস’। এদিকে গত ২০১৩ সালের ১ ফেব্রুয়ারি থেকে ‘বিশ্ব হিজাব দিবস’ পালন
জাব্বার করিম : দুনিয়ার ভালো-মন্দ কর্মগুলো আখিরাতে পরিমাপ করা হবে। দুনিয়ার যারা বেশি বেশি নেক
Smoking is one of the reasons for lung cancer. Besides, exposure to radiation, the presence
People who are not stressed in the present age may not be found. The stress

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